Monthly Archives: June 2016

Back from ComSciCon 2016!

It’s been a while since I got back from ComSciCon 2016 in Boston, but it feels like I’m only just getting back into the groove of things here in Seattle.

Being surrounded by so many people dedicated to science communication was incredibly inspiring. Among the attendees and experts, there were artists, animators, film makers, writers, and more.

I learned from people who blended science research with environmental advocacy, who did field research for nature documentaries, who turned their passion for science and drinks into a career of science festivals.

I met others who were stoked about science in games and I hope we’ll carry that enthusiasm into more collaborations!

And of course, I reaffirmed that being in academia is not the only option, and even being a full-time researcher is not the only path to being a successful scientist. Mixing science and science communication may be the path less traveled, but the professionals I met at ComSciCon showed that it’s certainly possible. Success will come with lots of networking and putting my work out there, listening to what is needed in the science communication world, and carving myself a niche that is both fun for me and fits the needs.

After attending ComSciCon, I want to bring that inspiration here, so be on the lookout for the awesomeness of ComSciCon to hit the Pacific Northwest!!